From October 28 - November 4, Queen’s Dance Club will be selling club clothing!

We will have a booth set up outside of the ARC entrance, if you would like to try on samples for sizing. Clothing can only be purchased through this website using a credit card.

Please come by on Tuesday, October 30th between 5:00 and 10:00 pm to try on sample sizes. There will be a booth set up outside of the ARC near the Earl Street entrance.

Disclaimer: Club clothing will be ordered at the end of the sale time, and unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will arrive before the end of first term. If you are going on exchange, please arrange for a friend/housemate to pick up your clothing at the designated pick-up times. QDC will have a booth set-up when the order arrives, and booth times will be posted on our Facebook page. 

Please note, that unfortunately there will be no refunds, returns, or exchanges once the payment has been put through.